Must Reads: A Personal Glimpse at Amazon Founder, Free Tethering, Lying Authors, Comics, Healthcare, and More

This is my weekly list of what I most want to share. What have I read that was fascinating, exciting, puzzling, or inspiring. Catch up on some things you missed from the past week. Maybe I dug up a few obscure gems that are totally new to you. Check out the brief ones now and save the more lengthy ones for later. Share and be share to…here’s the list:

News and Tech

Well written piece from the New York Times. Interesting to see a glimpse into the private life of such an influential person. Amazon founder, Bezel, and his large financial support of gay marriage.

Is Groupon actually harming some small businesses? Interesting knowing that they are also seeing steep declines in their stock price lately.

Free tethering without penalty could set a new precedent in the cell phone industry, even if it is not a voluntary policy for Verizon.

A short comic about Jesse Owens in Nazi Germany for the Olympics. Plus this is an awesome comic website worth following. Useful for your personal enjoyment or for teachers looking for relevant, motivating materials.

The kind of woman who needs a late-term abortion. Although the essay is clearly for one side of the issue, you don’t have to be to read it. I was impressed with this powerful, expertly written piece of political writing with a fresh angle.

Health and Education

An Ed tech cheat sheet from Edudemic. Also excellent example of a straightforward, well designed infographic.

Five ways apples culture can improve your class. I was going to suggest reading Imagine: How Creativity Works, by Jonah Lehrer to go along with the above post. He delves into more creative, innovative organizations. But I just found out that he admitted to making up and misrepresenting quotes from Bob Dylan (the Dylan section of the book never sat right with me). Anyway, if you do get your hands on the book, I still think it is worth a read for the other sections, unless we find out he made those up too. Then I will recall this post like they have recalled his book

Not all completely new information about weight loss but some interesting findings here worth taking a look at.

Long Reads

What Mississippi Can Learn From Iran? Informative, inspiring and with some absolutely crushing moments. Why are poor communities deprived of health care, and how can it be fixed?


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