Must Reads: Online Account Hacking

This is my weekly list of what I most want to share. What have I read that was fascinating, exciting, puzzling, or inspiring. Catch up on some things you missed from the past week. Maybe I dug up a few obscure gems that are totally new to you. Check out the brief ones now and save the more lengthy ones for later. Share and be share to…here’s the list:

The school year has started back up this week for teachers. It will definitely be a challenge keeping up with the blog. For example, I only have one link to post today. But I am determined to keep going (even if the posts become too minimal)! I hope to get more reading done by next week to have a longer list for you.

One man’s story of having his Amazon, Google, and Twitter accounts hacked, taken over, and some even completely deleted. Amazingly, he was able to have some contact with one of his hackers and their reasons for doing it might surprise you. If you have not seen this yet you definitely should read it.


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