Disappointed Apple Customer – Excluded from Mountain Lion Upgrade


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I have not blogged in a few weeks. I have been busy with the beginning of the school year, working with more students than ever, and on bringing more technology into the classroom.

This evening I attempted to upgrade my 5-year-old MacBook Pro to the Mountain Lion OS X, only to be stopped by a message saying that my computer is not compatible. This is after upgrading the memory last weekend. I guess it is just too “old.” This may be old news to some. However, this is this most upset I have been with the company, which is why I am taking to the blogosphere! Below, you can read the letter I sent the company today.

“I have been a loyal Apple customer for about 7 years now. I have owned and worked with everything from the iPod Mini to the Retina Display iPad. But I am extremely disappointed with the company right now. Last weekend I upgraded the memory in my MacBook Pro to 4gb in order to increase the speed and to allow the opportunity for upgrading to the Mountain Lion OS X. I had heard that machines from early 2007 would no longer be supported, but I thought mine was more of a mid-late 2007 model. When I attempted to purchase the upgrade from the App Store I received the dreaded message informing me that my machine was not compatible. This is very frustrating and discouraging for those of us who take pride in keeping our Macs in excellent condition, only to be left out of future upgrades. This looks like a decision to push customers to buy newer machines. With the high product costs and the high level of reliability of Macs, I do not see any other reason to exclude “old” machines that are only 5 years old. This is very disheartening, as I am now stuck with Snow Leopard on a computer that runs just as well as it did the day I opened the box. Snow Leopard is a fine OS but as software in the App Store progress, I will now be left out of opportunities for new apps. I can only hope that the company has a change of heart about this decision. Thank you very much for your time.”