Must Reads #longreads Edition: Mobile Food, Secret Google, Bloods and Crips

What were the best, most fascinating, exciting, puzzling, or inspiring things I read or watched this week? Some will be about technology, photography, or education. Some will not. Catch up on some things you missed. Maybe I dug up a few obscure gems that are totally new to you. Check out the brief ones now and save the more lengthy ones for later. Share and share alike…here’s the Must Read list:

In rural Tennessee, a new way to help hungry children: A bus turned bread truck

by Eli Saslow via The Washington Post

Saslow tells an engaging, textured story free of (even subtle) political commentary. The writing leaves the reader to think about the story and form her own opinions. This is real, valuable journalism and it feels like a rare gem uncovered in the internet quarry.


Inside Google’s Secret Lab

by Brad Stone via Bloomberg Business Week

Have you wondered about what goes on at Google X, the secret lab that works on Google Glass and self driving cars? This insightful piece will peel back as many of the layers that can be revealed.


What Does It Take to Stop Crips and Bloods From Killing Each Other?

by John Buntin via The New York Times

This indepth, compassionate piece unravels the dark past of Los Angeles and the successes of anti gang violence strategies in the city.


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