Must Reads #media Edition: Doggie Doors, Confused #Cheerios Kids, and Dragon Skulls

What were the best, most fascinating, exciting, puzzling, or inspiring things I read or watched this week? Some will be about technology, photography, or education. Some will not. Catch up on things you missed. Maybe I dug up a few obscure gems that are totally new to you. Check out the brief ones now and save the more lengthy ones for later. Share and share alike…here’s the Must Read list:


Perpetual Ocean – Animated Ocean Currents around the Globe (3:03)

I will admit that this one is older and you may have already seen it. I came across it again this week, and was blown away all over again. We live on a truly magnificent planet. Let’s keep it that way.

DIY Automatic Sliding Door (:47)

Awesome, easy, and cheap DIY project for summer. Plus the dogs are so cute! The self-closing screen door was designed for dogs but could be great for humans too.

(H/T 22Words)

Everyone saw the biracial Cheerios commercial, but kids saw it differently (8:59)

If you haven’t seen the controversial cereals commercial, you need to watch it now because it is just a great commercial. Then, hopefully you are as confused as these kids are about why it has sparked so much controversy.

(via The Daily Dot)

Motorcyclist grabs mug off of passing car’s bumper… (1:30)

The motorcycle maneuvers definitely made me nervous, but this was a whole lot of fun to watch!

(via 22Words)



Giant Dragon Skull Found on a Beach in England

…not really. It’s a Game of Thrones promo, but I will pretend it’s not.

(via 22Words)


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