Must Reads #media Edition: Generosity, Fake Reality Shows, Silly Dogs, Banana History, and Soldier Photos

What were the best, most fascinating, exciting, puzzling, or inspiring things I read or watched this week? Some will be about technology, photography, or education. Some will not. Catch up on things you missed. Maybe I dug up a few obscure gems that are totally new to you. Check out the brief ones now and save the more lengthy ones for later. Share and share alike…here’s the Must Read list:


Pay It (‘it’ being donuts) Forward

This is just a feel-good story of 55 donut customers paying for other people’s food…

Fake Reality Show – Long Island Landscapers

Hilarious trailer for a fake reality show by NY PBS station. There are a whole series of these.

Silly German Shepherd Bouncing Around Trying to Catch Shadow

Very funny and cute – title says it all.

The surprisingly interesting history of edible bananas

Interesting background about the genetics of the bananas we eat.

Here Are Your Odds of Dying from the Most Common Causes of Death

A striking visual showing causes of death. Also a great example of the power of simple infographics.

Satirical Versions of Corporate Logos

Soldier in Afghanistan photographs comrades using Civil-war era technique


See more of my Must Reads.


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