My First Daily Creation!

For the past few months I have read about The Daily Create on Kevin Hodgson’s edublog. Today, I participated for the first time by celebrating a Happy 106 Day (I’m still figuring out what that is all about) with a dramatic trailer style video. The Daily Create posts a creative assignment everyday and collects the results on their site. I had fun doing this instead of the tasks that I feature in the video. I look forward to the next assignment.

This is something that could inform your teaching, but I see the value as just to help you as a creative professional to break up the monotony of the week and have some fun!

What do you think of The Daily Create? What do you think of my first one?


2 thoughts on “My First Daily Creation!

  1. That was rather dramatic, and quite the production for a daily create. It’s good to see that you took this one in a different direction. But you do appear to be rather proficient with the iron.

    Kudos for using open licensed Jamendo music.

    See you tomorrow.

    • I guess I did go a little overboard 🙂 but once I get an idea in my head I have to see it through. Jamendo is a great resource. I have my video production students use CC media for their projects as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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