Article: Hacking Coveted Twitter Handles

I am always captivated by stories of hackers, scam artists, and fugitives. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is the sense of danger and adventure and plot that I admire in well-written movie scripts. Maybe it’s the window into the dark and mysterious. Maybe it’s how close and relevant it all feels to our daily digital lives.

This week, I read another fantastic story in this “genre” where the author describes the details of a digital attack where the ultimate goal was his coveted Twitter handle @N. I have to admit, that is a pretty awesome Twitter handle, but I would not pay $50,000 for it (as someone offered), or break laws to get it. These stories always remind me of how fragile our security is in the digital world. The other thing I love with this story (and many others like it) is that the attacker is humanized. Many people think of hackers as masked men without morals living in a lawless, virtual world. Here we see that the attacker is very willing to negotiate, with little harm done to the victim’s accounts. In other stories, hack-tivists seek to expose security weaknesses for the good of the people and the industry. I eat it up. Every time.

Read the article here:


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