PS3 Bluetooth Gamepad for Mac Update – Connectivity

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to connect a PS3 controller with a Mac computer for gaming. The setup was super easy and I experienced great responsiveness with several games. There is one quirk that I discovered that is worth noting. It seems that with the games that I am playing (through Steam) the controller must be turned on and connected before launching the game. Any time that I have turned it on afterwards, it does not work. It is simple to fix. Just close the game and relaunch. It does not even require restarting the gamepad. That can remain on. A minor annoyance, but I wanted to share with anyone who is starting to use the PS3 controller in this way.



2 thoughts on “PS3 Bluetooth Gamepad for Mac Update – Connectivity

  1. Interesting. I will most certainly have to try this with Steam. btw, don’t know if you’re an RTS fan but AoM was announced that it will be coming to Steam soon.

    • Sweet, thanks! I am a RTS fan, for sure. Before you try this, think about the Xbox controller instead. After I branched out from these games I encountered compatibility issues with other games, so it is hit or miss with the PS3 gamepad. I ended up ordering the Xbox controller and it works brilliantly. I need to write another updated post…

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