A Student is Flying the Plane!

He was actually piloting the plane!

Last week I had the opportunity to fly in the back seat of a small plane flown by one of our high school aviation students. We are making a STEM video focused on aviation careers. I went along to the airport to gather footage for the video. I planned on putting a GoPro in the cockpit and get some b-roll from the ground. When our aviation teacher started adding up the weight of passengers and included me, I was very hesitant. I had never flown in such a small plane, let alone with a student at the controls!

They reassured me that it would be a short, safe flight. Our aviation teacher was there too, but he was hands off for most of the flight. I am very glad that I went along. It was a beautiful day with gorgeous views of Naples. It was also a reminder of the incredible things young people can do when they are focused, motivated, and inspired. I am glad to be a part of this project featuring an incredible young man, who after being in the US for just a few years, speaks three languages, is about to graduate high school, and is very near to gaining his private pilot license.

Here is a short cut of some of the footage from the experience:


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